Recycling Service

Since 1992, the company is engaged with the SOTRALENTZ Recycling Service for the sustainable management of natural resources via the reuse of its products and their recycling via its network of partners.


ELIPSO administrator – Plastic Packaging syndicate in France; member of ECOFUT, recycling is a central issue for Agriplas-Sotralentz Packaging, a founding member of this association.


Agriplas-Sotralentz Packaging is well aware of the current challenges, and has already committed for several years now to an approach aimed at reducing certain packages. Therefore, we have stopped using retractable film for the protection and transport of our pallets and we also offer our customers, the possibility of receiving their products on plastic pallets and disposable plastic separators.

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Recycling Service


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      In order to best respond to the needs of each customer and each industry, we offer a wide range of colours and options, including the type of closing system.

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