New pallets for a better environmental protection

La palettisation chez Agriplas

Our two productions sites, Dinard (35) and Bellegarde sur Valserine (01) have recently improved the packaging of all or part of their production thanks to reusable plastic pallets, made from recycled polyethylene. In the past the pallets were lost. Today the idea is to get them back from our customers to use them again. Plastic pallets are recyclable, hygienic (no mould), light (4kg instead of 11kg), universal (80 x 120). They take part in our global environmental approach.

At the beginning of October, a second large project has been launched in Dinard: the systematic hooding. Real asset for our customers, the systematic hooding improves the sealing and allows an external storage. More sustainable, it reduces packaging by limiting the use of cartonnage during the palletizing and reduces the waste. Stronger, cleaner, more stackable (and so more qualitative), this new packaging is a clear benefit for our customers in terms of logistics, handling and storage.