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We know that packaging is the main criterion for competitive differentiation which highlights the special features of your product while presenting your image and your values, therefore we develop packaging items with you and with your own product design to perfectly meet your needs.

Dessin noir et blanc emballages plastique

01Proposal of roughs

Once the specifications are defined with the customer, our design office proposes several ideas in the form of “roughs” to allow the customer to visualise the appearance of the product and to validate its design.

02Production of 2D and 3D drawings

Once the roughs are validated, we produce 2D and 3D drawings of the product to validate the different technical data and the final appearance of the product.

Plan 2D et 3D contenant plastique

03Production of mock-ups

The 3D drawings allow us to produce a mock-up using stereolithography. Using this mock-up, we can validate the external appearance of the product along with its compatibility with your existing installations (de-palletiser, packaging line, screwing machine, labeller, sleeve pack machine, etc.)

04Production of the mould

Once all of the drawings and the mock-up are validated by both parties, our teams will select one of our mould production partners to produce the different tools.

05Testing phase

This phase includes several steps. First of all, we will launch a pre-series in order to validate the first samples and if need be, to adjust the machine. Our teams will then industrialise the production in order to start mass production. The parts produced at this time can be used for different tests carried out by you and your customers, but also for the approval process if required.

06Mass production

Once the product is completely validated and approved if required, we will begin mass production according to your procurement needs.

Our skills and our industrial installations offer the possibility of creating and manufacturing a wide variety of custom products from the simplest to the most complex.

In order to best respond to the needs of each customer and each industry, we offer a wide range of colours and options, including the type of closing system.

  • Integral protection with white or black light
  • Other colours upon request
  • Palletization on request
  • Plasma isolation
  • Pressure exchanger
  • Removing the shutter
  • ...


Removable and disposable filter dedicated to dialysis machines

In this first version, the body is manufactured in extrusion blow molding with a double blowing pin

Module médicale fait sur-mesure


Removable and disposable filter dedicated to dialysis machines

In this second version, 3 injection parts (lid, body and filter) are manufactured

Module médical pour machines de dialyse


A simple container to package 2 reagents for analytical laboratory machines

Modelling in extrusion blow molding of a double neck body and injection of the 2 caps



Washable stand which can be attached to the floor to incorporate a lick stone for ruminants

Manufacture of a specific piece in extrusion blow molding

Emballages plastiques sur-mesure


Development of a jerrycan and a stopper with an enlarged neck to agitate the paint inside the container before its application

Manufacture of a UN certified 10L and 25L jerrycan with a wide and offset neck for easy emptying. Its size has been optimized for logistical requirements. Design of a jointed stopper for total waterproofness


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    By combining 75 years of existence of Agriplas and Sotralentz Packaging, we have acquired great know-how in the development of custom packaging solutions.

    Our teams are at your disposal to assist you in the creation of new packaging items or a new product via blowing extrusion and/or injection.

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        In order to best respond to the needs of each customer and each industry, we offer a wide range of colours and options, including the type of closing system.

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