Agriplas is a winner in the ADEME Orpast 3 call for projects to accelerate the integrated use of recycled materials!

AG Agriplas Sotralents Packaging

Agriplas Sotralentz Packaging is a winner in the ORPLAST (Objectif Recyclage PLASTiques) call for plastic recycling projects launched by ADEME and the French Ministry for Ecological Transition as part of the France Relance national recovery plan. A France Relance plaque was unveiled at the Dinard production plant during a visit by Laurent Pietraszewski, the Secretary of State for Pensions & […]

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A new regranulation and sterilisation line for Drulingen

La nouvelle ligne de regranulation et d'étuvage

In July 2021, our Drulingen facility in Alsace gained a new machine for granulating post-consumer recycled plastic flakes. This capital investment further intensifies our involvement in the recycling and recovery value chain. It also responds directly to customer demand, because from 2025 onwards, our French customers will be legally required to ensure that their packaging products contain at least 25% […]

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Let’s review our innovation criteria in order to strengthen recycling channels

Schéma de l'économie circulaire chez Agriplas

When discussing the issues around environmental protection, recycling and the circular economy, innovation is often cited as the magic bullet. Innovations not subject to a detailed and thorough life cycle analysis may place an additional burden on the end-of-life recycling of plastic products and packaging. This article makes the case for reviewing our innovation criteria in order to strengthen recycling […]

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Production of a wild boar baiting solution at Drulingen

Dispositif d'appâtage du sanglier à Drulingen

The Sotralentz Packaging teams responded quickly and successfully to the need of one of its customers to develop a 100% recyclable plastic container for the bait used to attract wild boar. High-speed bespoke development Lead time between initial contact and component delivery: just 4 months! Produced before the summer, the first components delivered complete customer satisfaction in terms of size, […]

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Professional Gender Equality Index

Index égalité professionnelle

“Introduced by the Avenir Professionel (Future Career Choice) Act of 5 September 2018 and implemented by decree on 8 January 2019, the professional gender equality index is intended to help companies with 50 employees or more to make progress on the issues around gender equality. The legislation requires every qualifying company to publish their index, which is based on four […]

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A successful start for PB 22 in Dinard!


The new PB 22 extrusion blow moulding machine installed at Dinard in February is now fully operational. This all-electric machine has 4-cavity moulds and a fully automated robotic palletising system. To accelerate the development of a more circular economy for plastic packaging, this machine is equipped with a 3-layer extrusion head which enables RRM (recycled raw material) to be used […]

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