Our range of drums made with recycled plastic is growing!

For several months now, our range of drums has been enriched with new references in REBOOCLE recycled material with or without UN approval for the transport of hazardous materials:

  • The 220 L MH drum (2 bungs) is available in 2 versions:
    • made with 25% REBOOCLE recycled HDPE with UN approval (mechanical and chemical) for the transport of liquid hazardous materials. It is available in grey or blue.
    • made with 100% recycled REBOOCLE HDPE without approval. It is available in dark grey.
  • The 120L and 150L OT (total opening) drum, made with 80% REBOOCLE recycled HDPE, is UN approved for the transport of solid hazardous materials. It is available in red or blue.

REBOOCLE designate the recycled material obtained from industrial packaging waste that comes out of our regranulation and vacuum-steaming line in Drulingen. It is a safer material thanks to these steps which allow the reduction of VOCs and allergens that are inherited from the first life of the plastic.

The advantage of having our own regranulation and vacuum-steaming equipment is the possibility to secure several supply sources of flakes obtained from industrial packaging waste. Indeed, it is on the obtained regranulated material that the quality requirements and the UN approval reports are based.

Please note that HDPE packaging containing recycled material cannot be used for food related application.

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