MW MultiWay IBC

We offer a 1 000L container specially designed for the multiway transport and storage of liquid products. Reusable during 5 to 10 years, The IBC MW is an easy to handle, reliable and robust container. It is available in an UN approved version for the transport of hazardous goods.

  • 2 years of development
  • Reusable 5 years minimum
  • Can be fully disassembled
  • 34% of recycled plastic
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Cuve IBC Multiway de 1000L en plastique

Why choose our IBC MultiWay ?

Easier handling
and operations

Retaining the dimensions of a lightweight IBC, the MW IBC is easy to handle and can be used with existing filling lines.

  • Optimised weight
  • Total emptying
  • Central filling
  • Easier transport

Reliable and robust

The IBC has been designed and built to have a lifespan of at least 5 years in even the most demanding industries.

Can be intensively washed

  • Ribbed plastic pallet optimised for shock absorption
  • Excellent stability when stacked for transport and handling empty

Contents security guaranteed

The MW IBC is designed to meet the safety requirements of industrial companies and is suitable for transporting hazardous materials.

  • Option to fit extra seals
  • Unique IBC, inner bottle
    and sensor serial numbers


MW IBC production lead times are similar to those for lightweight IBCs. Agriplas Sotralentz Packaging maintains stocks of spare parts for maximum availability.

Reduced environmental

This IBC can be quickly and completely dismantled to facilitate maintenance and the end-of-life recycling of all components as part of contributing to the circular economy.

  • 100% recycled plastic pallet
  • Maximised service life
  • End-of-life management

Simplified maintenance

The simplicity of disassembly allows
customers to change the inner bottle in a few minutes with no special tools needed.

Your points of contact at Agriplas Sotralentz Packaging are always available to help
you order and replace damaged components.

Technical Informations

Capacity : 1000 L
Height: 1265 mm
Length: 1200 mm
Width: 1000 mm
Weight: 86 kg

Mechanical homologation: UN Y 1.9
Standard chemical homologation:
UN Y1.4 / Y1.6
Drain valves PN 10 certified

Multiple front and back colour choices
Add Front Logo
NANOLIKE Connectivity
CDS suction tube
Black inner bottle for photosensitive products

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    « Because we care about the environmental impact of our packaging and understand the industrial challenges of our customers, we have reinvented the IBC(1) as we know it.
    After 2 years of development, we’re proud and delighted to introduce our new MW IBC: an IBC designed and manufactured to meet the needs of MultiWay(2) operation.
    We’ve succeeded in combining the size-related practicality of lightweight IBCs with the durability of all-plastic IBCs. »

    (1) Intermediate Bulk Container
    (2) Re-use of the same IBC for multiple rotations

    Maxence Coutereau
    Sales Director
    Agriplas Sotralentz Packaging


    Our Drulingen facility has a 40 years’ experience of IBC manufacture, which gives Agriplas  Sotralentz Packaging its highly detailed knowledge of the components and optimised processes used.

    The MW IBC development process involved the Drulingen teams working and observing the operating environments of longstanding customers to gain an in-depth understanding of their Multi-Way needs and processes.

    The results have enabled Agriplas Sotralentz Packaging to create a highly reliable product that is simple to use and consistent with today’s waste reduction goals.

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