A new partnership in accordance with the program of Sotralentz Packaging

IBCs 1000L en plastique

Subsidiary of the Packaging Division of the Groupe Roullier since 2016, Sotralentz Packaging has signed a new business partnership with EMB IPACK, a major French player in the development of solutions for recyclingindustrial packaging. This partnership takes part in the Sotralentz RecyclingServices programme in order to upgrade the features of theIBCs through a network of partners. This service allows us and our partners torecover used IBCs from our customers to optimize their upgrading.

Composed by Agriplas and Sotralentz Packaging, the Packaging Division of the Group, specialized in industrial packaging, is engaged in an ecological approach and in the recycling of its packaging The French company is member of ELIPSO (French Union of Plastic Packaging), member and former president of ECOFUT (Association for the valorization of industrial used packaging).

The company EMB I PACK focuses its development on the circular economy and valorization of the industrial packaging from 5 to 1000 liters. EMB I PACK has production sites in many French departments: Indre-et-Loire, Drôme, Tarn and Aisne. This geographical proximity ensures a reactivity in the collection of the used packaging and offers a wide range of upgraded products on all the French territory.

This partnership allows Agriplas to offers more services to its customers and commitment to an eco-friendly approach through a product revalorization.

The relationship established between both companies will still be reinforced thanks to the installation of a new recycling unit on the site of Sotralentz Packaging in Drulingen (FR-67).