Production of a wild boar baiting solution at Drulingen

Dispositif d'appâtage du sanglier à Drulingen

The Sotralentz Packaging teams responded quickly and successfully to the need of one of its customers to develop a 100% recyclable plastic container for the bait used to attract wild boar.

High-speed bespoke development

Lead time between initial contact and component delivery: just 4 months! Produced before the summer, the first components delivered complete customer satisfaction in terms of size, quality and regulatory compliance. Unique in the market, these products were therefore ready to be used from August onwards by our customer and its network in the forests of Moselle.

A high-impact project team

The success of this bespoke development depended on the close involvement of all the teams at Sotralentz Packaging, from the design office to the dedicated sales team, the production and maintenance teams and the site management team. A collective success and an innovative product, which together highlight the expertise and skills available in our teams.

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