The 5L Style replaces the 5L AP3

Le Jerrican 5L style

Developed as part of its ongoing product upgrading programme, Agriplas-Sotralentz Packaging presents the new 5L Style jerrycan.

Why choose the 5L Style jerrycan?

Developed by the company’s in-house design team, this new eco-designed version of the 5L jerrycan is 20g lighter than its predecessor 5L AP3 range, but is exactly the same size and capacity. Its superior mechanical performance makes it eligible for higher levels of approval (including UN Y 1.9 certification for the transport of hazardous goods).

With its 7.7 mm thinner rounded handle, the design of the new 5L Style provides a better grip for users. The rear reinforcements and the reinforcement of the joint plane improve compression resistance.

Broad ranges of options and accessories are available to enable customers to specify a jerrycan specific to their needs in terms of colour, labelling, childproofing, etc.

Agriplas-Sotralentz Packaging works every day on improving the environmental impact of its products, and reducing packaging weight is a key CSR goal. Across the company, this range will reduce annual HDPE consumption by between 200 and 300 tonnes. What’s more, the non-approved version of the 5L Style jerrycan can be made from 100% post-consumer recycled (PCR) raw material (RRM). A version incorporating post-industrial RRM as a central layer and approved for the transport of hazardous goods is also under development.

Manufacturing places: Dinard, Bellegarde sur Valserine and Drulingen.

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